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Creation of the CIETAC Foreign Arbitrators’ Forum

The origins of the Forum derive from a CIETAC Delegation visit to London in May 2009.  A number of “foreign” CIETAC arbitrators were invited to meet the Delegation. The head of the Delegation asked for ideas on spreading the word about CIETAC. Anthony Connerty suggested that a series of seminars might be appropriate.

Connerty discussed the idea a few days later with members of the delegation at a Reception organised for them by The IDR Group® at the Houses of Parliament. Further discussions took place with CIETAC in Beijing in May 2010 at a Conference which the Group staged with CIETAC and the Beijing Lawyers’ Association.

Subsequently, Connerty was asked to organise a “CIETAC Foreign Arbitrators’ Forum” in London.

A CIETAC delegation was visiting London in April 2011: this was seen as an opportunity to “launch” the Forum. Two events were organised during the period of the visit: a Reception at the Guildhall and a Conference dealing with CIETAC arbitration.

Organisation of the Forum

Forum members include UK members of the Foreign Arbitrators section of the CIETAC Panel. UK members of CIETAC’s sister organisation - the China Maritime Arbitration Commission (CMAC) – are also members of the Forum.

The Forum is administered by a Committee of three UK CIETAC arbitrators: Sir Anthony Colman (former Judge of the Commercial Court, London), John Tackaberry QC and Anthony Connerty.

The Patron of the Forum is Sir David Brewer. Sir David has a long-standing interest in China. He is a former Lord Mayor of London and is Vice President of the Great Britain – China Centre.