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New Panel of Arbitrators: CIETAC News Item May 1, 2011

List of CIETAC Arbitrators based in the UK and Ireland

List of CMAC Arbitrators based in UK

On 1 May 2011 CIETAC published its new Panel of Arbitrators, making the following announcement:
CIETAC has recently completed its review of the Panel of Arbitrators required under the P.R.C. Arbitration Law and the CIETAC Stipulations on Appointment of Arbitrators. The previous Panel's term, engaged in May 2008, expired on 30 April 2011. There are 998 arbitrators in the new Panel of Arbitrators. Of that total, 716 arbitrators are from mainland China, accounting for 71.74% of the total, 44 arbitrators are from China Hong Kong SAR, 1 arbitrator is from China Macau SAR, and there are 19 arbitrators from the China Taiwan Region. The remaining 218 are foreign arbitrators, accounting for 28.26% of the total.The foreign arbitrators are domiciled in over 30 countries from around the world. The new Panel of Arbitrators became effective on 1 May 2011.

CIETAC adopted a transparent system for the examination and assessment of mainland Chinese arbitrators, resulting in a better selection of arbitrators. Through this process CIETAC ultimately engaged 175 new arbitrators out of the 581 new applicants from mainland China.

From the original 965 people on the previous Panel of Arbitrators, 771 were re-selected by CIETAC after a thorough review of their performance, with the remaining 194 arbitrators no longer engaged.

As a result of these changes, CIETAC's new Panel further improves the international character of CIETAC, implements a more reasonable age structure, enhances overall objective quality of arbitrators, covers more professional categories and has a wider geographic distribution. The new arbitrator team will play a crucial role in CIETAC's future development.

CIETAC is grateful for the care and support it has received for the development of arbitration from all circles of society and greatly appreciates the time given by those who nominated for the revised Panel of Arbitrators. CIETAC will continue strengthening its personnel and processes with the broader community for the joint promotion of Chinese arbitration. See CIETAC website:

List of CIETAC Arbitrators based in the UK and Ireland
AGLIONBY, Andrew John Lorne -
BATESON, David -
BEST, Roger -
BISHOP, John -
CHAPMAN, Peter H.J. -
COLMAN, Sir Anthony -
CONNERTY, Anthony -
DIXON, Andrew Mark -
DOWNEY, Martin -
FOYLE, Andrew William -
GAFFNEY, John (Ireland/France) -
GODWIN William George Henry -
HARTWELL,  G.M.Beresford -
HOLLOWAY, Julian Pendrill Warner -
HOUGHTON, Anthony -
HUGHES QC, Adrian -
HUNTER, J. Martin H -
Lord Irvine of Lairg, PC, QC -
JAMES, Robert James -
JOHNSTON, Graeme James -
KAPLAN, Neil -
KNUTSON, Robert -
LAM, Daniel C…..
LEONARD, David -
LEW, Julian D.M. -
LUX, Jonathan -
MOGER, Christopher, QC - cmoger@4pumpcourt
NUNN, Philip -
ONG, Colin Yee Cheng -
PE, Robert San -
PERCIVAL, Yvonne -
PERRY, Graham -
Rogers, Martin -
SAVAGE, John -
STARR, Paul -
SUTTON, David St.John -
TSELENTIS, Michael,  QC -
WALKER, Janet (UK/Canada) -

List of CMAC Arbitrators based in UK
Aston, Clive -
Bishop, Archie -
Baker-Harber, Michael -
Coogans, David John…..    
Griggs, Patrick John …..   
Hamsher,  Mark William -
Horn, Ben -
Lux, Jonathan -
Moss, Christopher J.W. -
O’Donovan, Patrick   A.H. -
Tsatsas, John -
Thomas, Michael David, CMG, QC, -
Ward, William Ian….

For the full list of CMAC Arbitrators see: